Zombie Bait (Walking Dead) | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


I like Zombies. So much so I wrote a film about them. My Zombies are a little bit different though to the trad Zombies. They are barely dead, so quite fresh in their look and their outlook is a bit more positive and a bit less grumpy. Less bitey too. I have pretty much re-written the Zombie Rule Book, which I know will wind up a load of people. I can see it now "Zombies don't look like that", "Zombies don't talk like that" and so on. Well, guess what, ZOMBIES AREN'T REAL so if I want to re-write the rule book, I will, thankyouverymuch. If you want to know what the fuck I am blathering on about, use your internet to go to Depending how far in the future this is, go to LoveFilm or wherever and watch it. If you are reading it before the far future though, don't bother as we are still editing. Meet The Cadavers is the movie. Now I have plugged that enough, I guess I should sell you this T-Shirt. Please. All contributions go toward the Making The Movie Fucking Awesome fund. Cheers!

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