You'd Be Surprised How Much Can Be Achieved With Just Belligerence, Bad Language And Violence | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


  You know it's true. Just the other day, at the Download Festival (where me and Vikki had Access All Areas VIP passes, no less), I stumbled across a stall selling blatant rip offs. The cheeky cunts denied even knowing the existence of our site (although their body tells told another story) and tried to pretend they were requests from people. I stormed in with as much belligerence and bad language as I could, but they calmed me down by the time I got to the violence part. Motherfuckers. About 10 designs they had up, blatantly on display, including such classics as "I'm With Cuntface". I tried to explain to them about Intellectual Property. They are obviously too fucking dumb to come up with their own slogans so they have to steal from others. I fucking LOATHE people like that. Listen up people, if you EVER see anyone ripping off our shit, smash their stall up, smash up their shop, rip their heads off and piss down their necks. They aren't rock n roll. They didn't start a cool company to sell abusive t-shirts to kids so they could fund their cool fucking rock band, they are just scum sucking parasites with zero originality. Remember, if it doesn't have the Copyright info on the print, it is a rip off.

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