Yes, They Are Real. Yes, They Did Hurt. No, I Won't Regret Them When I'm Older. | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


Now this is for every one of you out there in Cyberspace land with a tattoo or two. Ever since I started getting tattoos, I kept being asked the same dumb questions over again. And I'm not the only one. "Are they real?" - No, of course not. Every morning I maticulously paint a full sleeve on my arm before leaving the house just to try and impress turds like you. "Did they hurt?" - Well, I was having bunches of needles injected into my skin at a fast rate whilst the tattooist effectively scratched along the surface of my skin. OF COURSE IT FUCKING HURT!! "Ahh, but you'll regret them when you're older, won't you?". WHY?!!! When I am older - and that is assuming I get to be older - I'm probably not going to be wandering around semi-naked. Not many octaganarions do. And, if I turn potty as a toothbrush and do decide to wander around naked, why on earth am I going to regret decorating my body anyway? How many people over 60 give you the horn if you see them nekkid? Not many, right? So, wouldn't a few natty pictures, however wrinkled, discoloured and creased, just ease the pain of seeing a naked old person anyway??!! Fucking morons.

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