Window Licker | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


We bought a bus for our band, SPiT LiKE THiS, back in February 2007, to take us to gigs - it was an old Special Needs bus - had the stickers on it and everything. For amusement purposes, we call anyone that travels on the bus with us Window Lickers, so-called after the kind of people that normally travel in such a fashion. We've all seen them, blasting down the M1, a bus full of the *ahem* mentally challenged with their little faces pressed up against the windows.. Anyhow, we thought we should get our passengers wearing these t-shirts (especially as they are Grade A window lickers) so thought we would give YOU, the lucky shopper, your very own chance to own one!

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Standard T-Shirt
Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Skinny Fit T-Shirt
Skinny Fit Vest
Wife Beater Vest

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