Will Work For Awesome Ninja Powers | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


We've all seen the signs that tramps, hobos and homeless dudes have - "Will Work For Food" - well, this is an update on that. Working for food is fair enough but, if you did work for Awesome Ninja Powers, you could use those powers to get food. You see, that way you end up with a full belly PLUS Awesome Ninja Powers. That's the thing about the homeless, they don't think things through properly. Perhaps, if they had in the first place, they wouldn't have become homeless. I mean, it's quite a careless thing to do. It's not like you don't see it coming. Maybe they're just really forgetful or something and have just misplaced it. Or, perhaps, getting a bit Zen on you, we are ALL homeless, in transition.. until we get back home, of course. I tried running away from home once, when I was about 10. I don't think my parents even noticed. Not that I was unloved or anything, but more because I was only gone about 2 hours and then got hungry. I just didn't have the commitment necessary. Shame on me.

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