When I Stop Smiling, You Start Running | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


I got hassled by a little kid (small child, not goat) in Tesco's today. How infuriating is that? I was at the Checkout, stuffing my new purchases into various plastic bags when I noticed my trolley was wandering off. Upon further investigation, I realised that the trolley was not being spirited away by some kind of poltergeist (as I had hoped), it was, in fact, being nicked from right under my nose (OK, behind my back) by a bloody child! The cheeky little fucker. I looked at him, pulled my trolley back toward me (which, incidently, had some shopping in it) and the little git had the temerity to say "It's mine!" before tugging on it some more. Naturally, I told him to "piss off" whilst glancing him a cold stare - all to little or no effect! Has this small person not learnt that all us dark rockers are devil worshipping child sacrificing mentalists? Apparently not! So, I grabbed it again and this time flashed him a sterner look and commanded him to "Fuck Off!". I did not expect his reply: "You're wearing make-up - you're a girl!". What the fuck am I supposed to say to that?? "You're stealing my trolley - you're a cunt!".

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