Whatever It Was, I Didn't Do It | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody

Whatever It Was, I Didn't Do It | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


You learn a lot from living with someone. For the last few years, me and Vikki have been sharing our pad with our drummer, Vile Gilez. As his monicker might suggest, some of his personal habits leave a lot to be desired. But, we knew that already before he moved in. We have since found our many other things about him though - apart from the fact that he is clearly several sarnies short of a picnic basket - and this is the kind of caveat he needs on a daily basis. And I suspect there are many like him. Disaster and chaos just seems to follow him around yet he is oblivious to the trail of destruction he leaves behind. That is where this design comes in: whenever we question him about his latest catastrophe, he denies all knowledge of it. He could be standing in the middle of a house that has been freshly burnt down, flame-thrower in hand, but he will still try and worm his way out of it and probably say something like "What's a house?", "Fire? What fire?". You get the idea. I think he is actually 5. But, I like the fella and he hits the drums good, so I think we'll keep him. We'll just dress him in one of these.

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