What Would Walter White Do? (Breaking Bad) | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


I decided to make myself a mobile meth lab once. I don't take drugs but I thought it would be good fun to make them and, of course, the money would be nice. Unfortunately, the vehicle I had at the time was an old Ford Escort and it was so rusty, the crystals kept falling through the holes. So, it was a venture doomed to failure. Then Breaking Bad came out and I thought "Hang on a minute, someone has stolen my idea!", so I decided to get my own back by doing something about it. What Would Walter White Do? He'd make a fucking T-shirt design, that's what.

PS All of the above is a lie, in case any authorities are reading. It is a humorous tale designed to make the reader smile or chuckle. There is only one bit that is true and that is the making of the T-shirt. Oh, and I did have a rusty Ford Escort too. And a meth lab. (Lie).

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