What Would Jeremy Clarkson Do? (Top Gear/Grand Tour) | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


I used to watch old style Top Gear, when it was just a car programme and people with beards poked around in engines. I was too young to drive at the time and was totally obsessed with Porsches but, being expensive cars, they were never shown. Not when they could show a Vauxhall Viva instead. It was boring. They would talk about valves and cylinders and oil and sparkplugs. Then, one day, this gangly buffoon appeared on our screens with a mass of boufont hair and, overnight, the programme changed. He injected a slice of humour to proceedings and started dicking about in slightly cooler cars. Of course, old Top Gear died a death and old Jezza was only really seen in his "Watch Me Whilst I Blow Up A Corvette" style Xmas videos. In a stroke of genius though, he persuaded the BBC to let him jazz up the Top Gear format employing another middle-aged long-haired bloke and a hamster and TV gold was born. It's kind of like the Goodies with cars. And POWER!! Jeremy Clarkson rules and the only people that disagree are people who hate cars. Or hippies. Or the French. Or lorry drivers. Or Vegetarianists (apart from Vikki who also likes JC). Or James May. Or Richard Hammon

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