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It's Easter as I write this. I am bored shitless. Have been all weekend. Well, apart from Friday coz it was my mum's Birthday so I got to see the fam. Since then though, wrist-slittingly BORED. I hate Easter. Apart from the eggs. I got thinking about some Anti-Easter stuff. Some general I-Hate-Jesus feelings lead to Christians and their annoying "What Would Jesus Do?" sentiments. Combine that with the fact that Vikki and I have been having several "24" DVD marathons lately and you can see how "What Would Jack Bauer Do?" came up. Jack Bauer kicks ass, full stop. That is one man that does not fuck around. Yes, I am aware that he is make believe but, suspend that notion for just one second and imagine acting out your life like Jack Bauer would. Fuck, how cool must it be to actually be Kiefer Sutherland?? I bet he gets zero shit. People will forget that he is just an actor playing a part and they would actually poo in their pants if he shouted at them. If I was Kiefer Sutherland, I would do that all the time. Make people poo their pants by shouting at them. That would be fun.

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