Tattoos Are Like Losing Your Virginity; One Little Prick And You're Scarred For Life. | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


Ooh, I like this, this is clever. Been playing around with it for a while, and I think it's right. I got the key sex / tattoo ingredients: little pricks and being scarred for life! Gonna take shit loads of these with us when my band, SPiT LiKE THiS, play the Skin Deep Tattoo Jam in August. In case you didn't know, me and Vikki were on the cover of Skin Deep magazine and there was a massive 6 page article on us inside. And now we are playing their inaugral Tattoo Convention. Should be amazing. You should go. Bring lots of money though, as we will have a stall there as well... Look at me trying to sell you stuff in the future as well as right now. Do I have no shame? Well, no, actually, I don't! So, impress all your tattooed friends with one of these delightful garments. Guaranteed to, um, well, guaranteed to do not that much really, but it will cover skin thus preventing you from being entirely naked. Hoorah! Although, depending on how you are made up, that might be a bad thing. I'm not doing a very good job here of trying to persuade you to spend your money on this, so I will say this: Fact! This T-shirt will make you look cool. Fact! This T-shirt will get you laid. Fact! This T-shirt will bio-degrade by the year 2090. Fact! The last two facts might not be actual facts. Fact.

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