STOP POLICE! Don't Shoot! I Am NOT A Terrorist. | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


Gosh, look at us, proving we can do cutting satire with the best of 'em! It ain't always about the nob gag, y'know. In case there is anyone out there that doesn't know what this t-shirt is about, in July 2005, an innocent man had his brains blown out on the London Underground my the "anti-terrorist squad" of the Police. 8 bullets, 5 of them in the head. The man was unarmed and posed no immediate danger to anyone. He did, however, fit a "profile" and, because he didn't stop when large plain-clothed men with guns asked him to, they chased him onto the tube, pinned him down, then shot him. Lots.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am not some tree hugging pussy that thinks that suicide bombers get a rough press or anything - fuck it, if someone is about to blow themselves and a load of innocent people up, shoot the cunt! - but the above scenario paints a rather chilling picture of a trigger happy police force. I'm a citizen of this country and travel the underground a fair bit, usually when Very Drunk Indeed. I don't want to get my head blown off just because I'm being a noisy bastard or anything, so this is my little protest. Right on.

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