Stop Being A Cunt | Wallet Cards x 20

Stop Being A Cunt | Wallet Cards x 20

If you have purchased from us, you will have received one of these little cards as a freebie.  But sometimes one just ain't enough.  People feel the need to distribute them to people they feel deserve them.  So, here they are for sale.  You get 20 for just under a fiver.  That is 20 potential punches in the face you are buying.  If you haven't had one before, they are business card / credit card size, printed on 300gms thick card with a silky finish.  The front is as pictured and the back is our unique "loyalty and devotion" pledge.  Don't ask.  Just buy!

Oh, and if you DO get punched in the face, don't come running to us.  Just give them another card!

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