STOP Being A Cunt | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


Sadly, Being A Cunt is an affliction that an awful lot of people suffer with these days. It started off in 1939 with an outrageously grumpy fellow who invaded Poland. Since then Being A Cunt has spread like a disease around the world. Our current Prime Minister is A Cunt. Justin Beiber is A Cunt and, it must be said, Simon Cowell is A Cunt.

During the war, a famous poster was created featuring Lord Kitchener with the slogan "Your Country Needs You". Well, we managed to get hold of the ORIGINAL intended poster which was this one: STOP Being A Cunt. I think the war would have been a tiny bit shorter if we'd have shown Hitler this doozy.

Also on a mug!

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