SPiT LiKE THiS "We Won't Hurt You (But We Won't Go Away)" | CD [UK Issue 2009]

SPiT LiKE THiS "We Won't Hurt You (But We Won't Go Away)" | CD [UK Issue 2009]


1. Sex, Drugs & Heavy Metal
2. Heart Thief
3. Trust Your Instincts
4. Young, Dumb & Ful Of Fun
5. Dead Girl Walking
6. Down On You
7. Pussywhipped
8. Hunt You Down
9. Act Of God
10. Coming After You
11. Top Of The World
12. Sleaze Sells?But Who?s Buying?
13. Trick Or Mistreat

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46 minutes approx


Transcend Records / SPiT LiKE THiS / Cargo Distribution (UK)

17th November 2008

Full colour booklet
Full colour printed CD

Lord Zion
Vikki Spit
Vile Gilez
Cyndi Rott

This is the original release of our debut album from 2008 and is now deleted!  Please note this does not have the bonus track, video or poster of the re-issued Ultimate Edition

Note: some of these reviews make reference to the Bonus Track & Video not available on this version!

Spit Like This - We Won't Hurt You But We Won't Go Away - Ultimate Edition (GMR Music Group)
"Dare you open this Pandora's box of twisted, dark, glam, sleazy, theatrically punctuated rock? For the best results put the headphones on, sit back, crank it up to almost uncomfortable levels and open your mind to take it all in. You won't regret it.

'Turn up the level!!!!' snarls Lord Zion as he cracks the whip on set opener 'Sex, Drugs & Heavy Metal' and that, as the song goes, is all I ever needed. A big fat rousing "fuck yeah" to that Mr Zion, sir. There's a dash of 70's glam rock, a little of that US glam and a splattering of sleaze as well for good measure on this album...and some 80's pop craft too. But don't be fooled - there is so much more to this album. It is dramatic and grande and why fucking not?

People will no doubt try and pigeon hole this as simply a glam album but there's a lot more going on than that; I've just heard a dash of Adam And The Ants being played with the spirit of Sigue Sigue Sputnik using the Pistols' amps. It's a right jolly mixed bag we have here folks - one minute I think that's a Marilyn Manson drum beat but then I hear a bitchin' riff on Cyndi Rott's axe bleed through my speakers, and that's something that someone like Manson just doesn't have. We have darkness and light, hell 'Dead Girl Walking' mixes The Cramps with this "noughties glam slam" and mighty fine it is too.

I had a tune that I couldn't stop humming for the past week and I couldn't for the life of me think what it was until it came rolling out of the speakers at me; Spit Like This had planted a glam bomb in my head, called it 'Pussywhipped' and cursed it with an electronic intro that twists into some mighty fine axe work once again from Herr Rott. Damn it, I'm not even sure I should be liking this....but I do.

There is a feeling of twisted theatre about this record and I'm sure Lord Zion intended to wear his influences on his sleeve.....that is if he could be bothered to wear any sleeves. This is a right bitch's brew spread over fourteen tracks and all wrapped up in a lavish package. Spit Like This are a band who are intent and focussed on delivering the real deal so honour that attitude people - don't go and download this, buy it! Go see one of the shows or badger your local HMV or independent shop to stock it. Music is still very much a tactile experience and this is a band that has worked damn hard to produce a product that needs to be seen from the poster and classy artwork. Spit Like This should be massive in 2010 and you can say you were there when they took off.

I took the liberty of getting the low down from Lord Zion on what the album's songs were about and he duly obliged. In a nutshell, we have songs about a rock 'n' roll call to arms, necrophilia, soiled knickers, oral sex....and that's just mentioning a few. I could have reproduced them here but I thought I'd let the listener guess which is which! This is a band that doesn't want to be the next Guns N' Roses or Motley Crue but the first Spit Like This! There are definitely bits and bobs of such rock monsters in this record but it does stand alone and is certainly original. Go check it out before you have to play catch up with the cool, in-the-know set"

"Spit Like This - We Won't Hurt You But We Won't Go Away (Cargo)
There's nothing like starting as you mean to go on. Spit Like This open their album with a song called 'Sex, Drugs And Heavy Metal', which lets us know exactly what we're in for. The song is a glam-slam calling card dropped on the mat, a statement of intent that stakes out the band's territory in no uncertain fashion. And if you want to get territorial about it, I'd say the Kingdom Of Spit Like This lies somewhere between AC/DC's Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap and Bangkok Shocks, Saigon Shakes by Hanoi Rocks - but they've probably got a reciprocal trade agreement with the People's Republic Of Punk Rock in there somewhere, too.

Mixing gutsy, unpretentious, glammed-up rock wiith a heathy dose of punk attitude and a very British sense of knockabout humour, Spit Like This certainly don't deal in introspection and sophistication. That stuff is for wimps. They're a loud, trashy, and unashamedly good-time bunch of rockers. They're sussed enough to keep it simple and direct, and as a result We Won't hurt You But We Won't Go Away is like being slapped upside the head with thirteen hefty glam-hammers.

The band drop a dollop of pop suss into the brew, too - check out the mighty neo-Glitter band riff 'n' wallop of 'Heart Theif', and the Suzy Quatro handclaps of 'Trust Your Instincts'. Spit Like This could easily have been chart stars in the glamtastic seventies. You can imagine them mixing it with the likes of Wizzard and The Sweet on Top Of The Pops, matching 'em riff for riff. Mind you, dear old Top Of The Pops would've probably censored 'Down On You', which challenges Frank Zappa in the Rude Rock Song stakes. Meanwhile, 'Sleaze Sells...But Who's Buying?' is one of those boisterous Friday-night-and-I-just-got-paid anthems that'll have 'em moshing when it comes on the jukebox down the Crobar. It's all instant classic stuff, and if there's not much in the way of innovation or self-consciously furrowed-brow boundary pushing here - well, that's missing the point. The Spit Like This agenda is simple: they're here to get rocked. Rock, as I believe the saying has it, On."

"Though Spit Like This have been gigging and recording for years, this is the band's first true studio album, and it's a damn fine one. If you're sick of bands who have 'a sound' and you're ready to rediscover what rock'n'roll is really all about, there could be no finer place to start. The variety on show here is just as dazzling as the CD itself. Setting out their stall with straightforward opener 'Sex Drugs & Heavy Metal', the band show a hint of what's to come with the glam rock inspired 'Heart Thief', where there's more of their character on show. From then on, it's a rollercoaster ride all the way, as Spit Like This prove that they're not afraid to take you anywhere. From the eerie soundscape of 'Dead Girl Walking', through the menace and dark introspection of 'Act of God' and the epic musicality of 'Pussywhipped', to the rock'n'roll masterclass of 'Coming After You' and the irresistible madness of 'Sleaze Sells...But Who's Buying?', this is an album full of surprises. To describe it as an over-all experience, it's best to imagine it as a visit to New Orleans during Mardi Gras - imagine good times with your buddies, loud music, drunken debauchery, an edge of danger, a side-order of sleaze, and a healthy dose of the macabre. This is music as it ought to be."

"Admiration. That's a bold opening word for the review of a debut album from a young British band, but admire Spit Like This I do. I had been impressed from afar by their shameless self-promotion and their hard worth ethic of striving to do everything bigger and better than their contemporaries. I couldn't even visit the winter Memorabilia show at Birmingham's NEC to meet my favourite Z-list actors without seeing SLT's Lord Zion and Vikki Spit selling shirts and handing out "Kill A Chav" stickers. At last month's Hard Rock Hell 2 festival, I continued to be blown away as the band seemingly spent the entire evening before their (horribly early) set on the weekend's second day covering the prison complex...umm...I mean holiday camp with scores of promo posters and putting a flyer in almost every sweaty hand. But, of course, it worked a fuckin' treat as, after what seemed like mere minutes after retiring to their luxury apartments, hundreds of dishevelled rock fans turned up to see Spit Like This open the day's proceedings on the stroke of midday. Their brand of dark, camp entertainment turned the lunch hour into the witching hour and they closed their set as haunted heroes and heroine.

I was impressed enough to shell out for the album 'We Won't Hurt You (But We Won't Go Away)' - that's right, no fancy promo discs for this righteous reviewer! In all honesty, I was impressed before I even got to put the disc in the ol' death deck. The cover art and booklet are simply stunning and pretty much everything you look for with any release. Again, Spit Like This are showing others how to do it. Yes, the awesome cover painting does make it look like the end of a penis is poking out of Vikki's hot pants but, c'mon, that's how rock 'n' roll myths are made, right?!

The album itself is a devil's dozen of amazingly well-produced and freakishly fun dark terror tunes that are equal parts ambitious, self-indulgent and ass-kickingly awesome. Gloriously titled opener 'Sex, Drugs & Heavy Metal' is infected with superb backing vocals that happily haunt the entire record, a record that careens from vile vaudeville to killer cabaret. Murder ballad 'Dead Girl Walking' bleeds into serial killer tune 'Hunt You Down' with its War Machine-style riff. 'Pussywhipped' opens with unlikely yet excellent hints of Sigue Sigue Sputnik with its 80's sounding synth, before turning into a classic rock tune as soon as the full moon appears. 'Coming After You', an 80's metal throwback, is the nearest you'll get to a whiff of filler but, hey, we've all got our upside down crosses to bear. 'Sleaze Sells...But Who's Buying?' is great and the album ends in style with 'Trick Or Mistreat'.

You just know that Spit Like This are gonna tour the ass off this record. They will spread their word to thousands and they are courageously confident enough to pull it off. We need bands like this. We need people who will keep going until they get what they want. Spit Like This are deadly serious about their band without taking themselves too seriously - does that make sense? There is a dark humour to the band and their work - theirs is a tongue in the cheek of anyone who will listen. There is no point in being clever if you have bad judgement - Spit Like This appear to be the former while being severely devoid of the latter. On the strength of what I have seen and heard recently, the Spit Like This story will be a successful, albeit darkly twisted, one."

"'We Wont Hurt You (But We Won't Go Away)' has to be the release of the year, an album that will take you on a roller coaster ride through 13 amazing tracks, The story unfolds as each track plays taking the listener on a journey through catchy rock that you will be singing along to, picking up glam and punk themes and even a "big band" jazz feel along the way. The true stadium tracks are guaranteed and your experience will even witness the darker gothic side of a band that demand attention and you will be subservient. This is a must have CD for any collection - The Beerman gives it 10/10"

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