SPiT LiKE THiS "Normalityville Horror" | CD [UK Issue 2012]


1. Sick
2. Normalityville Horror
3. Zero To Sixty
4. Very Very Good At Being Bad
5. Dragged Kicking & Screaming
6. Teen Angel
7. The Life & Times Of The Suicide Kid
8. Oh No! Here We Go!
9. The Dumb Song
10. Dead To Me Now

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DLWM 666 72

Dark Lord Records Under Exclusive License From SPiT LiKE THiS Productions Ltd / SonyATV / RSK

21st May 2012

Full colour booklet
Full colour printed CD

Lord Zion
Vikki Spit
Vile Gilez
Rob Riot

Recorded & produced by Grammy-nominated Chris Tsangarides (Judas Priest, Ozzy, Anvil).  He liked it so much, he signed us to his brand new Dark Lord Records label and this was the first release.  Brand new item but it will be taken out of it's shrinkwrap and then personally signed for the buyer by us on the inner pages.  For any different instructions, let us know when checking out.


"Let’s be honest, there’s an awful lot of very mediocre stuff currently out there in the underground/metal/alternative scene, whatever you want to call it. It seems with all the latest technology and gizmos available then every band can be bedroom producers/engineers leading to the old axiom, quantity over quality and I get an awful lot of below par quality hit my inbox these days. So when I come across the rare gems secreted in the piles of pap, it certainly brightens up my day.

Normalityville Horror from Spit Like This is one of those gems, gleaming out from the dull bedrock this 10 track album sparkles from start to finish.

It’s a right rollicking R’n'R roller coaster with lots of highs and a couple of lows, but over all a great album to stick on and liven up any party!

There’s a nod and a wink of course to the shock meister himself Mr Alice Cooper, with the punky and sleazy undertones of The Misfits and The Cramps but this is a collection of songs that are very British, yeah the lyrics are a bit basic and cheesy at times, but that doesn’t detract from the fun element at all.

SLT are a highly popular underground act with a cult following world wide and this album will only serve to reinforce that, front man Lord Zion and his partner in crime, Vikki Spit(bass) are masters of the social networks and a few bands can learn from them, but they know their limitations and drafted in top engineers/producers Chris Tsangarides and Dave Cousins to work with them and that’s the difference, band members take note you may be a great singer or shredder but that don’t make you a great engineer/mixer.

This is not a perfect diamond by all means, it has it’s flaws, but even a flawed diamond is still a diamond and there’s enough sparkle in this gem to keep you happy.

Best track? Gotta be final track “Dead To Me Now”, a pounding Horror Rock Anthem"

Right then here we go it’s time to review another new release. And this time on the deck we have “Normalityville Horror” By Spit Like This.

SPiT LiKE THiS have spent the past few years building up a great fan base around Europe and with this release they are sure to cement their place as one of the UK’s best live bands.

Everything about SLT is about having a good time, Sing a long chorus’s, chugging Bass from Vikki Spit and pounding drums from Vile Gilez make the backbone of the sound of “Normality”.

with this release they are sure to cement their place as one of the UK’s best live bands

Solid riffage and shredding from Rob Riot and great vocals from Lord Zion add the top layer that give this release a solid sound and of course have the master that is ChrisTsangarides working the production can only make for a cracking release…Well is it any good?

Actually from the start to the very last breath ” Normalityville Horror” keeps you listening and keeps you bouncing and for me if you’ve got the bounce you’ve got my attention and hopefully that of everyone else.

The track listings goes just like this,
Sick / Normalityville Horror / Zero to Sixty / Very Very good at being bad / Dragged Kicking and Screaming / Teen Angel / The life & Times of the Suicide Kid / Oh no!here we go! / The Dumb song / Dead to me now

With Spit Like This you know you’re in for a great night out with the band sporting a comic book look and cover art to suit it’s always going to be fun. If you buy one cd, buy this one if you go and see one band go and see Spit Like This.

If you buy one cd, buy this one if you go and see one band go and see Spit Like This.  In fact with a tour in the pipeline you can do just that. Check out the bands website for more details

Roarrock gives Normalityville Horror and bloody great big 4/5 Roars

BLEEDING4METAL.DE "NORMALITYVILLE HORROR" Album Review (Germany, June 2012 - this is a translation from the German!)
[Translation] "SPIT LIKE THIS are the product of the up on next generation so far very fertile relationship between the dazzling front Exzentriker Lord Zion and Vikki spit bassist. The band consistently committed itself to the Rockstartum and lives their own dream of the rock ' n' roll in a similarly colored as exceptional way. Their debut album "we won't hurt you (but we won't go away)" could ensure, especially in UK stir and persuaded the pre-orders for the second album by this very early "Normalityville Horror". Obviously, you had only waited SPIT LIKE THIS. The band has - there in social networks active already very internet-affine and heavily personally (each fan is only advised Lord Zion and Vikki spit on Facebook to add) - since the recording sessions last year a very personal look at the images and work on the second album admitted, from the inclined reader and fan easily could see, that really much work is in the detail. Not without reason the band also worked on small details such as such as the exact temporal distance between two songs (0.5 or 1 sec can make as much of the feeling produced).

"Normalityville Horror" plays - SPIT LIKE THIS had always an affinity to - visually and otherwise strong with B-movie clichés. That starts with the very successful cover and runs like a thread through the whole album. In the opener, 'Sick', it is clear that the band could increase on all along the line. Lord Zion has screwed his vocal performance significantly upwards and you consistently notice that with Chris Tsangarides (Yes, exactly the one that PRIEST as already JUDAS's so cracking sound "Painkiller" let) was a very experienced man at the controls of the production. Also songwritingtechnisch, SPIT LIKE THIS have turned the screw, for the ten songs are sophisticated imaginative and full of variety. Fortunately, waive boring ballads of the Lord and his faithful, but give gas, while they draw a bleak illustrious Sittengemälde of horror of naked normality. A basic punk attitude within classical, unused, a touch of early Mötley CRÜE, tattooed, full of Glam factor without the embarrassment of bygone days, and overall just rock 'n roll... "Normalityville Horror" convinced on all along the line. Filling material was consistently out left, left after itself and the big meaning behind everything a slim, crunchy album of full anthems of a generation in search.

SPIT LIKE THIS create their own benchmark album zwo Nummero a good deal higher – on the way up is finally no room for downtime. "Normalityville Horror" shows how contemporary rock ' n' roll with retro factor anno 2012 to sound and looks.

Rating: 8/10 points"

THEUPCOMING.CO.UK Live Review (UK), June 2012
"The first act, a local band called Spit Like This is a horror-punk band with intense staccato drumbeats heard throughout the set and guitar riffs cutting the air like a knife. With a vocalist who loves what he does, swaggering around the stage, poking fun at everyone and everything, they illustrate what William Control wants his audience to feel. Playing a set of songs from their latest album, Normalityville Horror interjected with an interesting cover of Sweet Transvestite from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Spit Like This are a promising start to the night."

"Lord Zion, Vicky Spit and Co return with their second album and the follow up to 2009's debut, We Wont Hurt You, But We Wont Go Away, in the form of Normalityville Horror.

Here we have more of what Spit Like This do best, a perfect blend of Hard Rock / Punk / Sleaze / Rockabilly and sixties rock 'n' roll musical influences. To be honest, the best way to describeSpit Like This is to imagine if you threw Alice Cooper, Iron Maiden, Early Motley Crue along with some Sixties Rock N Roll into a blender, then mixed the result with a healthy dose of Rocky Horror, then you maybe close to describing the bands sound. The songs themselves are full of life almost theatrical, cominag accross kind of like a modern day Rocky horror Picture Show!

From the opening moments of Sick to the closing riffs of dead To Me Now, this album is pure Spit Like This, pure and simple.
the only fault that I can find is that despite having the skills of one Chris Tsangarides on hand as producer, sometimes the songs just feel a little too loose for me, nit picking probably, but hey Spit Like This have never fitted into any particular genre any how so who am I to comment lol.

Stand out tracks for me include, Zero To Sixty, Very Very Good At Being Bad, Teen Angel and Dead To Me Now.
If you're a fan of the band then you are going to love this album, if you have never heard of them, well check them out, you never know you may discover a unique new band to love!

Rating 8/10"

4.5/5 "You’ve had those days when you want to walk away from your jobs, turn your back on all the idiots harping and making demands upon you, get into a souped up supercharged chrome n’ black pirate flag-sporting hot rod of doom and put the pedal to the metal as you roar down the highway to hell… and now you have the ultimate soundtrack to accompany the ride!

SPiT LiKE THiS’s second album was recorded last year with Grammy winning producer Chris Tsangarides, and has stayed under wraps for what seems like forever, while Tsangarides put his own record label – Dark Lord Records – together.

From the initial staccato burst of drum fire, these ten tracks sound huge – SPiT LiKE THiS have never sounded better, from Vile Gilez’s punk-Bonham drums, Vikki Spit’s insurgently driving bass lines to Rob Riot’s chainsaw guitars slicing through the air.

Where in the past STL have sounded like Lord Zion’s pet project, on “Normalityville Horror” all the pieces gel and Tsangarides has captured the charismatic frontman perfectly within the sound of a great band firing on all cylinders.

There’s not a filler in sight as SLT fire off an opening salvo with the punky Sick, tirade against the mainstream on the title track, and roar down that highway in a Mad Max-styled charger through Zero To Sixty.

Very Very Good At Being Bad sees Zion doing what he does best, poking fun and having the time of his life, before Dragged Kicking & Screaming once again rails against the norm.

Whilst not a concept album per se, the theme of being a wilful outsider and refusing to conform runs strong throughout the album, and Zion’s continual positive reinforcement of the counter culture with his clever and insightful lyrics ensure proceedings never flag for a moment.

Teen Angel leads into the glampunk folk storytelling of The Life & Times Of The Suicide Kid, before the barbed wire rock of Oh No! Here We Go! Just when you think they can’t possibly sustain these enormous energy levels, The Dumb Song kicks out seven kinds of jams, before the spitting vitriol of Dead To Me Now closes the album on another high note.

“Normalityville Horror” takes all the elements which up til this point had made SPiT LiKE THiS entertaining and fun, puts them in the hands of one of the finest producers to ever walk the earth, and delivers the sound of a group of musos who have found their feet and become greater than the sum of their parts. This album deserves to be the breakthrough which cross SLT over to radio and – God forbid – the charts. How ironic would that be!"

"The sleazey glamsters find a new level, and the sound they’ve been searching for, on album number two.

I’ve had a passing interest in the work of Spit Like This for quite a few years, since I spotted an ad for one of their gigs while seeing what was going during a trip to Colchester… it turned out the band were playing the day after I left, but, the images and logos used were enough to grab my attention.

When the band visited Guernsey for Chaos 2010 my interest was piqued and I ordered their debut album We Won’t Hurt You (But We Won’t Go Away) and very much enjoyed that and their gig on our little island.

Since then however, once the ‘they were awesome guys and it was great seeing them live’ novelty had worn off, I haven’t often revisited much of that album save for the ace Sex, Drugs and Heavy Metal and their version of Sweet Transvestite (in which Lord Zion proves he was born to play Frank N Furter, something I’d love to see in a full production of Rocky Horror if I’m honest).

None-the-less I was excited about the prospect of the band’s second full length, Normalityville Horror, for two major reasons: One was that they would be working with legendary producer Chris Tsangerides (who in the past has worked on classics with metal legends such as Judas Priest and King Diamond) and secondly due to the addition to the band of guitarist Rob Riot, who had co-written Sex, Drugs and Heavy Metal with Lord Zion.

As soon as I’d pressed play on Normalityville Horror though it was clear Spit Like This had moved on in leaps and bounds since their previous recordings.

While the band have clearly retained the spirit which makes them who they are (and is a major part of the Spit Like This brand) here they have added a new depth and thickness to the sound and the songwriting which makes for a much more satisfying record.

Across the album Zion’s lyrics retain their mix of ‘dangerous’ sleaze and tongue in cheek attitude, combined with their ever-present railing against ‘normality’ and standing up for freaks, geeks and outsiders, which fans of this kind of music are, almost without exception.

While in the past the band seemed to trade almost exclusively on the attitude of the frontman (and bassist Vikki Spit), now they really have the music to back it up too, with Rob Riot’s guitars being full on heavy metal but with a twist that left me thinking of something maybe 80% straight up metal and 20% of the sound of bands like The Wildhearts and, if I’m honest, if this album belongs to any instrument (besides the vocals) it is the guitars, seemingly even more so than other rock ‘n’ roll records.

This combination has led to a great record that, while it still probably won’t launch the band into the Top 10, certainly is capable of spreading their music to a wider audience through the infectious sense of sleazy fun that seems to run through the lives and music of the band and some cracking rock songs and, if you want a song that really stands out and acts as a microcosm of the whole album to check out, I’d recommend The Life and Times of The Suicide Kid."

NOIZY.GR "NORMALITYVILLE HORROR" Album Review (Greece, May 2012 - this is a translation from the Greek!)
[Translation] "The English are not random band ... Anyone who has seen live on stage will agree with me that they have that "something" ... What will make them stars one day. In the summer of 2011 played in Wacken and this is something that only VERY FEW new bands succeed. On the other hand again, when you have a shape like this, you can not deny the many. The incredible madness and who carry a unique style is just a passport to success.

When I learned that you called their new album "Normalityville Horror", came to my mind a totally perverted version of "Grease" and a "Rocky Horror Show" already packed more and more shocking, a transvestite thriller shamelessly. Listening to the songs I conclude that I have not fallen much out ... A Major Rock in the aplysia and the expensive perfume ... For example, "Dragged Kicking & Screaming" is a prime piece of party, but who knows what you did last summer ...

The title track is a top, the "Zero to sixty" is a super-hit, will sound tremendously and bring the band many new fans. I told someone that I went to the Elvis from space landed in the eighties, and he gathered that Sleazato Lemmyato found and made for the times we live now.

The production and mixing are the enormous stress and Chris Tsangarides fully and naturally the temperament of Londoners. Something that really flies in "Life & times of the suicide kid". There are outbursts of Metal here, which of course are grown throughout the album. Yes, I know ... What titles are they still ... Yeah, why not? We are talking now about the manifesto. The manifesto is signed by the clean and Karga theatrical voice of the Lord Zion and flawless playing of the band. Do you remember me, this album will be ... show!"

ROCK PAGES "NORMALITYVILLE HORROR" Album Review (Greece, May 2012)
"Somewhere between Alice Cooper, KISS, and Twisted Sister you will find Spit Like This, an English band that serves rock in its most shocking incarnations, as well as punk, or Glam Punk Rock, as they call it very well for the last ten years, 6 EP’S and 2 full length albums.

On 'Normalityville Horror' you will get an idea of what the band is all about, which is hard riffs, melody, Lord Zion’s trademark vocals that will remind you of Dave Vanian of the Damned, as well as the Cult’s Ian Astbury, and…paranoia that won’t let you pigeon-hole them, because they are totally unpredictable! In total contrast with their classically structured songs that go from bridge to chorus, you will find a couple that don’t fall into that category, but are longer in duration and there is a lot of things going on inside them! Listenint to the album in full you will make up your mind about the band’s influences since they become more evident and include gothic, sleaze, and metal, as well as bands like Queen, the Cramps, even Rob Zombie!

If you really like the Wildhearts, and British new wave and punk, and you haven’t discovered them yet, you should check them out!"

"Spit Like This have been described as 'punk as fuck glam cult heroes' - but does their upcoming release “Normalityville Horror” support this? It’s a definite yes from me. This second SLT album marks the tenth year of the band, and is quite possibly the best release to date in their sizeable discography.

If you are unfamiliar with their sound, try Metallica, Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper, early Motley Crue and a touch of 80s goth in a big old musical blender. Spit Like This are influenced 'visually, artistically and musically' by a number of different acts spanning the glam rock/metal, hard rock and punk genres, as well as art forms such as burlesque and 80s movies, and indeed you can hear horror movie influences in their music, aswell as their gig transport - how many bands do you know have had a hearse as a touring van?

Spit Like This are no ordinary glam metal band. They’re different to the masses out there, relying more on great musicianship and songwriting than putting more thought into the look/stage act as so many other bands out there seem to be doing. The band take their music and themselves seriously, but not too seriously - there’s still room for a bit of fun such as the slightly humourous “Dragged Kicking and Screaming”, which is quite fun sounding (it’s also good live if you get the chance). From opener “Sick” right on to the end, Normalityville Horror is full of rhythmic fast-paced rock that is full of attitude. Take “The Dumb Song” for example, plenty of riffage of the likes of old Motley Crue but with a singalong angsty chorus in the style of mid 90s Marilyn Manson. “Oh No! Here We Go” or “Dead to Me Now” feature in-your-face guitar licks to rival that of Tracii Guns in his heyday. Beyond the riffs, the album also calls upon bluesy rock influences in the style of Faster Pussycat on the track “The Life and Times of the Suicide Kid” - having a multitude of different influences certainly helps, and it definitely shows on Normalityville Horror - it’s hard to class any song here as filler.

Normalityville Horror is set for release on the 21st of May and is available for pre-order now from all good outlets."

"I've been looking forward to hearing this album and I have to say I'm left feeling well impressed. Spit Like This certainly know how to deliver some decent Rock N Roll numbers and the proof lies with tracks such as 'Normalityville Horror', 'Very Very Good At Being Bad', 'The Life & Times Of The Suicide Kid' and 'Oh No! Here We Go!'. For those who've not heard Spit Like This they have their own sound which fuses Punk, Rock and the Garage Rock N Roll sound coming out of the USA. They're a top band who deliver quality music with no compromise. Love them! 8.5/10"

UBER ROCK "NORMALITYVILLE HORROR" Album Review by Steve Beebee (UK, April 2012)
""This is my love letter to those who take too much. Pride comes before a fall, trust me - your time will come."

So seethes Spit Like This frontman Lord Zion on 'Sick', the considered but spite-fuelled track that open his band's second album, 'Normalityville Horror'. Aimed sharply at 'industry' types who have stood in the way, not done their jobs, and lied through their teeth, 'Sick' is a satisfying slice of payback.

Being just about the coolest looking band in the UK, and playing music that sounds like no-one else, Spit Like This are not a band you're likely to see embraced by the mainstream media or music industry at large. Looking like visitors to Mos Eisley spaceport when the industry wants you to look like You Me At fucking Six, Spit Like This are instantly seen as a threat. And playing jagged music, veering from darkness to light, embracing everything from glam to horror-punk, from camp to chaos, when the industry wants you to sound like the aural equivalent of green tea, again takes you to a different plane.

The spoon-fed, shit-swallowing Simon Cowell generation won't get Spit Like This - but if you're reading Über Röck, there's a good chance you will.

'Normalityville Horror' takes what was hinted at on debut 'We Won't Hurt You (But We Won't Go Away)' and gives it flesh and colour. This is only partly thanks to the heavyweight production skills of Chris Tsangarides, who can list everyone from Judas Priest to, famously, Anvil, on his CV. Love or hate them, you can't argue with the fact that Spit Like This sound like nothing but themselves, and the freedom they had in making this album is obvious.

Lord Zion fronts the whole thing in a fashion that never fails to intrigue. From camp, hands-on-hips outrage to cool croon to Elvis swivel, he's berating you, drill sergeant-style, one moment and standing tall for the underdog the next. All of the above makes its presence felt in the rollercoaster title track, before 'Zero To Sixty' sees this album make the leap into hyperspace. Perhaps the single most enjoyable three-minutes of this band's career to date, this is a speeding, gear-shifting psychobilly classic. Drummer Vile Gilez keeps this one rattling along in a rush of muscle car adrenaline. "Can I make this U-turn?" ponders Zion, a bug-eyed tattooed speed freak singing with the accent and charm of a Victorian English adventurer.

'Very Very Good At Being Bad' has a cascading chorus that diverts into a series of strange twists, before rippling riffs introduce 'Dragged Kicking & Screaming'. It promptly struts like a vampire on ecstasy before striking out with a cheeky nursery rhyme of a hook. 'Teen Angel' is not the glam tease you might expect from the title - it's more of a Fifties-inspired rockabilly romp inseminated by Rob Riot's evil guitars and the steady, libidinous throb of Vikki Spit's low-slung bass. Just like 'The Dumb Song' - equally comic-sinister, just as much fun - it has one of those untypical choruses that nevertheless stay with you long after the final chords have crashed to a halt.

The Dogs D'Amour styled title of 'The Life And Times Of The Suicide Kid' does indeed strike a different note, comparable to that band's own bottles-and-despair storytelling sleaze. Zion's tremulous, evil-Elvis vocals guide you down this troubled road, and just when you think you know where it's headed, Spit Like This again veer off into a totally unexpected cul-de-sac of broken down and built up metallic riffs. It sure keeps lazy reviewers on their toes!

'Oh No! Here We Go!' revisits the full throttle carnage of 'Zero To Sixty', hugging the corners, speeding down the straights and reminding you that this band are, above all else, a lot of fun. Coiled and rattling, 'Dead To Me Now' rounds the whole thing off with an infected injection of (im)pure punk sleaze.

And there you have it - a lovably oddball, tattooed B-movie of an album, one that'll reach glam kids, (proper) punk kids and lovers of all things retro and psychobilly. The music industry might be looking in the opposite direction, but frankly where would you rather be heading? Sitting in the waiting room or having some fun before you die? See you down the freakshow."

"'Normalityville Horror is without a doubt the best Rock n Roll album of the year! Spit Like This as ever deliver the goods in the form of 10 rip-roaring head splitting heavy metal classics!'' Adam A. Park (Scream Magazine)

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