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Me and Vikki went to a car boot sale yesterday. Fortunately, there are sales that start in the afternoon near here, otherwise I would never get to one. I like car boot sales, I get to pick up cheap CD's and DVD's. Anyway, I digress. Whilst walking around, we passed a Chavette who was all about the fake tan, the massive hoop earrings and she was pushing a "baby" (I say baby because it looked more like something I coughed up last week) in a pram. A fur lined pram, of course. This girl was all class! Anyway, a few steps later, Vikki and I felt the splash of water on our backs. Yes, the Chavette was so enraged by our existence, she saw fit to throw water at us. Maybe it was Holy Water and she thought we would start burning up "or sumfink". I hate mouth-breathers, they are quite unbelievable. Perhaps she thought we were little Gizmo's and, if she threw water, we would turn into Gremlins. I don't know. But this T-shirt sprang to mind shortly thereafter, so I have something to thank it for. And speaking of Gremlins, if you EVER meet our drummer, ask him to do his impression of the movie, Gremlins. It will leave you speechless!

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