Sick, Twisted And Loving It! | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody

Sick, Twisted And Loving It! | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


I just sat through the new Transformers movie. I don't often go to the cinema but, as I quite liked the first one and it was one of those "Orange Wednesday" things, I thought I'd go along. Took Vikki (or she took me, I'm never sure) and our friend Hayley, aka Heavy Metal Hayley came along too. Some of you may have met her as she doubles up as our merch girl on tour. Although, she might not be doing that for long as she is now training to become a Ninja Warrior. Anyway, the movie was kind of a bit of a let down. Obviously, most of the special effects were amazing (apart from those bits when the robot things are pulling around at the main bloke's mouth - that looked a bit dodgy) but the plot was quite weak and it all went on a bit too long. Best bits were Megan Fox's hair, which was nice, and the grumpy toaster. Apart from that it was a bit, y'know.. Obviously, that has nothing to do with this particular design (although I am sure I could twist some kind of convoluted Decepticon link here, but I can't be arsed) but I'm trying to save you the price of a cinema ticket. Use the money saved to buy this tee instead (hey, I made a point, eventually!). It will last you more than 2 hours, it is more satisfying and people will be impressed in a way that they won't if you mention that you just went to the pictures to see a children's movie.

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