Satan Is My Bitch | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


Ain't that the truth?! A great follow up to our "The Devil Worships Me" design. Satan doesn't scare me - he can be tamed. I saw this documentary once called "South Park: The Movie" and, in that, Saddam Hussein managed to tame Satan. True story. Now look at Saddam - on trial, waiting to be executed. Not so fucking clever now, is he?! That'll learn him - Genocide is NEVER good. Well, OK, extenuating circumstances, maybe. Once, you can turn a blind eye but the amount of times he did it? That is just taking the piss. Back to my point. Saddam tamed Satan and he got caught by Americans! So if an American soldier can outwit the man that tamed Satan, I reckon pretty much any one of us could make him our Bitch. Hell yeah!

PS Any Americans reading this: Don't have a cow, man! I have nothing against Americans. In fact, I am related to some. More to the point, Vikki's dad is one! But, let's be honest now, when it comes to warfare, you guys are pretty gun-ho! Remember, the term "friendly fire" was invented just for you guys!

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