Santa Skull & Crossbones | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!? OK, initially I didn't think it would end up looking this cute but, stick a Santa hat on just about anything and it suddenly starts looking adorable. I was having a conversation with Vikki about this when we were at MCM Expo yesterday. For those that don't know, Expo is a huge Cosplay event. We were there selling our tees watching all the amazing costumes. We started pondering what we would go as if we did such things. Vikki suggested Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun (Nazi). I moved my hair around my head to assimilate a Hitler fringe and moustache but, apparently, I didn't look angry enough. I adopted a more sinister expression and, hey presto, that seemed to work. Vikki was quite astonished at the difference it made and we realised that Hitler, for all his PR skills, really missed a trick there. If he had SMILED more in photos, or done silly things like wearing Santa hats at Christmas, would we think so badly of him these days?? I'm not so sure...

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