Respect Me For Who I Am OR I WILL KILL YOU | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody

Respect Me For Who I Am OR I WILL KILL YOU | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


I am going to tell you about the one Tarantino Moment I ever had. Everyone should have at least one of these in their life. It could never occur again for two reasons: 1) It happened in an airport and you cannot do ANYTHING in airports any more - they barely allow you on the plans and, 2) I was smoking, within the airport (apart from the fact that you can no longer smoke anywhere, I also quit smoking too. Mr No Fun, huh). Anyway, I was strutting around the airport, as one does (when one was bored, on the dole and lived near an airport) when some ne'er-do-well commented on my attire. Well, I was going through a major Pulp Fiction / Natural Born Killers phase so I turned around, asked them to repeat it and then followed them, looking a bit menacing. They then sat down (did I mention there were two of them?) so I sat right next to the comment maker, smoking my fag, in silence. He was shifting around awkwardly in his chair, obviously very uncomfortable. I leant over and tapped my cigarette ash right into his lap. No reaction (although he did go VERY red). So I did it again. And again. In fact, I sat, smoked my whole cigarette disgarding ALL the ash into his lap, in total silence. When finished, I merely got up and left.

Honest to God, it looked so damn cool and it taught that rapscallion a lesson he will never forget: Don't say annoying things to men with long hair and cowboy boots. Hell yeah!

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