Powered By The Force (Star Wars/Force Awakens/Rogue One/Last Jedi) | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


The first time I saw The Empire Strikes Back, I rushed home and spent hours in my room, object on the floor, holding out my hand staring at the object intently, fully expecting it to leap from the floor into my outstretched hand. Like Luke does when he's hanging upside down in the cave on Hoth. That either made me very young, or very stupid - you decide! I was totally convinced that this could happen and, even to this day, I do believe that some form of telekenesis is possible. I just haven't managed it yet. And I am guessing you have now decided on Stupid?! Well, whilst I am here, I may as well add fuel to the fire... There used to be a Refreshers advert on telly, cashing in on the Star Wars phenomenon. The kid in the ad would hold the Refreshers tube in one hand, eat one of them and, fuck me, it turned into a fucking lightsabre! Now, this was Bargain Of The Century as far as I was concerned. For the next week, I insisted my mum buy me Refreshers and I would spend hours, in my room (hmmm, noticing a pattern here), experimenting with different hand / colour combinations totally expecting this confectionary to turn into a futuristic weapon at any moment. Christ almighty, I think I might actually have been a bit retarded as a child.. What I wanna know is, why the Advertising Standards Authority never put a stop to this ad? I bet there were thousands of disappointed children up and down the country, fat from Refreshers, all because of their careless little ad. Tsk.

UPDATE!! In December 2009 (issue 191), the UK's top Sci-Fi/Horror mag, SFX, ran an article on Sci-Fi/Horror T-shirts and this was one of 5 of our designs they featured!

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