Plant-Based Mother Fucker | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


At the beginning of 2017, I changed my diet to an entirely whole food / plant-based one. The reason was threefold: 1) I genuinely believe it is healthier and all the research backs that up, 2) it is better for the environment and, since my niece and nephew entered my life, I am thinking more about their future and the planet that will be left for them and, 3) I can no longer ignore the abuse and torture that billions of animals endure on our behalf.

Hey, I'm not perfect. Anyone could pick apart the way I live my life and point out the hypocracies. That's fine - I am aware of that - but I am doing my part, the best I can for now, with plans to get better over time as I learn more.

There are so many videos out there that you can Google to see what I am on about. I implore you to. I have known about it for years and did nothing, so I cannot tell you what has changed for me to change, but don't be a slave to your previous long-held beliefs. I feel better physically and emotionally since making the change.

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