Paedophile. Howzabout That Then. (Jimmy Savile) | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


Is it really a surprise to anyone that Jimmy Savile has been exposed as a paedophile?  I mean, if you ever sat around wondering what a paedo might look like, I am sure that Sir Jimmy's creepy mug would have been the approximate composite your mind would conjur up.  OK, he did a lot of good work for charity, but does that excuse him?  I give a few quid to cancer every month but I don't think that means I could finger an 8 year old with immunity.  Anyway, I've always hated him, ever since I was denied the opportunity to go on Jim'll Fix It.  My request wasn't too much: to be flown to LA to appear in an episode of Battlestar Galactica, fly a Viper on screen and be given a laser gun as my present.  Fucking cunt didn't even have the courtesy to respond.  Perhaps I should have included a picture of myself as a child, then he'd have been right on it ;-)

About this design: Sir J's hands are positioned in a "it wasn't me" position (or a "squeezing your boobies", whatever takes your fancy) and incorporates his legendary catchphrase.  With the "paedophile" prefix, it's like he's been caught red-handed.  Which, of course, he hasn't.  Because he's dead.

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