Nothing Stresses Me Out Except Having To Seek The Approval Of My Inferiors (The Office / Dwight K Schrute) | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


 I wish I knew someone like Dwight, I could have endless hours of fun tormenting them. I have gone through the list of all my friends (both of them) but, alas, no-one is close. It almost seems worth cutting off all my silly hair, throwing away my silly clothes and getting a "real" job just to find a Dwight of my own to play with. But then I wonder that I might end up BEING the Dwight, so I will stick with the silly hair and clothes for now. If you know a Dwight, I do hope that you entertain yourself by playing with them endlessly. Feel free to email me any tales of your shenanigans.

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