No Matter How Bad My Life Gets, I Can Always Be Happy Knowing That I'm Better Than The People On The Jeremy Kyle Show | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


Blimey, that has to be the longest t-shirt slogan ever! Anyway, our nice landlady kindly installed FreeSat for us recently so we have discovered the delights of Jeremy Kyle. Of course, I've known about JK for a while - there is a rumour he's a fan of ours - but I'd never seen quite so much of it before. It astonishes me to a degree that nothing has astonished me before (apart from when my willy first spurted out it's sticky white juices all over my mum's carpet, perhaps). Application to appear on Jeremy Kyle should somehow be linked in with deportation to some other place so they can laugh and point at these imbiciles instead. If Hitler were alive today, he would present the Jeremy Kyle Show except, instead of whisking them off for some psychiatry, he'd put them on the first choo-choo to Auschwitz. And quite deservedly so. If this country is going down the sink hole, as many (Daily Mail readers) would lead you to believe, you only have to watch 10 minutes of Jeremy Kyle to see why.

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