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I hate scratchers. These days, any idiot that thinks they are decent at art can buy themselves a tattoo kit off eBay and start tattooing anyone in site. I've seen some pretty appalling tatts done this way. You can tell, these people haven't been taught any technique so the colour will fall out after a few years (which is probably a blessing) but, worse than that are the actual images themselves. Even if you go to a studio, you can't be certain of quality. My dad got a tatt at an established studio in West Sussex. It's supposed to be of a wolf but it looks more like a slightly grumpy poodle. For some reason my dad will only go to tattoo parlours in towns he regularly visits and, unfortunately for him, none of them have decent tattooists in them!? Vikki and I have tried to get him to go to Sophie (our tattooist - but he won't. So, do your research!? Don't just go to a mate who has a kit - remember, it's with you for life. Go on the 'net, have a good look around, buy mags, go to conventions. I know that every now and then one of these scratchers will turn out to be a genius but, most probably, they won't, and you'll just end up with a shit tattoo.

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