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What a fantastically descriptive word. I think it was invented by the 1980's. That's when I first became aware of it. It used to be uncool to be a Nerd, but then irony set it and being Nerdish was cool, in a post-modern kind of way. I think I am probably a bit of a Nerd. My CD's have to be in alphabetical order and, if I were to ever father a child, I would call it Darth Vader. Hmm, looking at that evidence, I think I am probably more of a Nerd than I first feared. Ergo, being a Nerd is, once again, Very Cool. So, embrace your Nerdishness, put a plaster around your broken NHS specs and dig out your Klingon Dictionary*!

* Disclaimer: I would hearby like to point out that I do not endorse the enjoyment of Star Trek in any way. Yes, you can get a semi through watching Star Wars any time because Star Wars is cool. But Star Trek is not. Here is the difference. Star Wars is NOT Sci-Fi. It just happens to be set in space, you see. Star Trek, on the other hand, IS Sci-Fi and, therefore, a bit naff. Plus, your parents probably STILL giggle whenever they meet anyone called James Kirk (I'm talking to YOU, dad!!? Yes, it may have been funny in 1965 but in 2006 it is a bit old).

P.S. I know that I risk Star Trek fans now not buying this T-shirt and, even worse, possibly contacting me to tell me why Star Trek is superior to Star Wars but that is a risk I am willing to take. I am that hard.

P.P.S. I just realised that, by entering into this Star Wars vs. Star Trek debate, my Nerd Factor just shot right up into the Stratosphere. There is only one known cure. As 99% of Star Trek fans are virgins (and that is a fact, not just some random statistic I made up just now), by having sex, my Nerd Factor will level out again to safe levels. Lucky for me, Vikki is a female of the human variety and, therefore, ripe for the shagging. And, the fact that I can do it with her whenever I want to means that, far from being a Nerd, I am actually, quite possibly, Super Cool. So, go suck on that, Trekkie!

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