Mystery T-Shirt 4-Pack

Mystery T-Shirt 4-Pack


We stopped doing ComicCons earlier this year, y'see, and that has left us with hundreds of T-Shirts of random sizes and designs sitting around, looking bored. So we decided to do a Mystery 4-Pack.

What does this mean? Simple, really. If you buy this, we will send you a random selection of those overstock t-shirts. As you won't know what you are getting, we have made them super cheap. Really cheap. Giveaway cheap.

You can decide to have a random mix of sizes, or just one size.

You can decide whether to have 100% sweary tees, 100% not sweary tees or a mixture of each.

You can also decide whether you are happy to have a random coloured one chucked in or whether to stick with just black.

Of course, it goes without saying that, if you get a tee that you don't like, you cannot whine like a little crybaby bitch. That is the whole purpose of mystery stuff. Having said that, seeing as what we sell is super awesome, I can't see anyone being too unhappy.

PLUS you will receive a flyer giving you up to 20% off your next order!

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