My Skin Is A Canvas, Yours Is A Blank Page | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


It's funny how some people view the tattooed. My nan used to think it was only criminals that got tattoos and she often asked why I would want to make my skin "ugly". She never understood that I saw my skin as a canvas that could have things I enjoy marked on it for life. She got Altzheimer's shortly after that - so, for a while, my tattoos were an endless shock to her as she forgot I had them. Now she doesn't know who the fuck I am any more so, there you go, she doesn't need to worry about them any more. Enough about my bonkers nan, I believe that most people that have heavy coverage probably see their skin in a similar way - loads of room to fill will cool artwork - and probably all get people ask why they would want to "ruin" it. Well, I'd rather have a piece of art on my canvas than walk around with a blank page, any day!

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