Mess With Me And I'll Gut You Like A Tauntaun (Star Wars) | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


You knew from that scene onwards, the Star Wars you had come to know and love had changed. The first movie was, really, quite light and fluffy, albeit awesome. The good guys won and all was right with the universe. Then we sat down for Empire and, within a few moments, Han Solo was carving up this creature and stuffing Luke into it! What the fuck was going on?! I was really young the first time I saw that, and it freaked me out a bit, I must admit. Especially seeing the actual guts. I loved that whole section and came home quite determined to live out something similar but, there were two problems: 1) my mum only had rabbits, which are quite small, even the big lop-eared ones and, 2) she probably wouldn't have appreciated it very much if I had slit one of their bellies, emptied it of the contents and then tried to crawl inside. As bad ideas go, that was probably quite near the top of the list so, all being said and done, I'm glad that I saw sense and waited until they released that crappy plastic model with the trapdoor belly.

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