Ladies And Gentlemen...For Your Viewing Pleasure, May I Present, ME! | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


Ah yes, you had better be some reasonably attractive kinda dude / dudette if you are getting one of these! Any mooses had better just leave this one alone - unless you're going for some kind of ironic vibe. I mean, ugly people are there for us to laugh at - don't forget that - and if you're ugly with one of these on, that's just gonna confuse the fuck out of good looking people like me. Frankly, it would be unfair. Just so long as we have that straight, right? Only lovely looking bods should buy this shirt.... Have they gone? All the uglies? Yes?? Good! So, it's just you and I, eh? The good looking and the really good looking. Glad to hear it. Just between you and me, there aren't THAT many people that could get away with wearing something this blatant but, you know what, I reckon you could. No, no, seriously, you are one goodlooking, sexy and, dare I say it, gorgeous human being. In fact, you might well be the pinnacle of human creation. We may as well just stop nobbing eachother right now because we aren't going to top you! Do yourself a favour right now, own your gorgeousness and, more importantly, own this T-shirt!

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Standard T-Shirt
Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Skinny Fit T-Shirt
Skinny Fit Vest
Wife Beater Vest

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