Jesus Died For Your Sins. You Cunt! | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody

Jesus Died For Your Sins. You Cunt! | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody

With my One Way Ticket to Hell firmly in the bag, I thought I may as well continue with my quest to annoy some Christians. You know, I hate anyone that shoves religion down my throat. From what I can see, religion just seems to be a bloody good excuse for a good, old-fashioned war. Always has been. And I cannot comprehend the notion of grown, rational human beings, that have brains and everything truly believe that there is some kind of God that made everything. Yeah right. And I'm Luke Skywalker. Worst of all, some of these idiots run the world! Especially that George Bush bloke - he is real big trouble. Did you know in a lot of American schools they now teach Creationism instead of Evolution?? How scary is that? A shit load of Americans growing up not knowing that they descended from monkeys but thinking that God put them there for the Almighty purpose of spreading McDonalds around the planet.

So, whenever I get the chance to have a poke at religion, I do. We even had the Christian mother of one of our customers once WRiTE to us to inform us, quite kindly I thought (you know these religious types) that we were going to Hell. She did also point out that Jesus died for our sins. Which is, obviously, utter bollocks. For a start, he was born a good 2,000 years before me so NO-ONE is going to tell me that he was prepared to be nailed to a bit of wood coz some bloke called Zion was going to go around being a bit obnoxious a couple of millenium later! Do I look like a moron?? Well, I found the aforementioned letter the other day and I just thought that the whole thing would have been a hell of a lot more amusing if she had added "you cunt" at the bottom of it. So, I did it instead.

Perhaps I should send her a freebie :)

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