It's Only Unethical If You Get Caught | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody

It's Only Unethical If You Get Caught | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


As I sit here in the middle of May 2009, the UK is caught up in a scandal involving our MP's (again) who are claiming all sorts of bogus expenses. One bloke, for instance, claimed for a mortgage that had already been paid off. Someone else for a porno movie. Point of the matter is, these MP's have been claiming thousands and thousands of pounds - often tens of thousands - and the voting British Public is, quite rightly, up-in-arms. So-much-so that the MP's have been ordered to pay the money back. And quite right too. Thing is, wouldn't we all have done the same?? Playing Devil's Advocate here but, if you were given the chance of some free money, wouldn't you take it?? I sure as hell would!? Which brings us right back to the slogan above...

Of course, the design could be talking about anything a bit shady, not just some dodgy MP's. So think about all your own salacious doings and apply it to them :)? I know you have a lot.

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