IT'S OFFICIAL! You Are A Cunt | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody

IT'S OFFICIAL! You Are A Cunt | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


I can think of many people I should wear this around, for many, many different reasons. Grabbing my mood at the moment though is the bloke that lives a couple of houses away from me. A couple of weeks back, we got back from shopping, me, Vikki and Gilez (our drummer who lives with us) when Gilez's bag split and his shopping fell to the ground. We bunged the rest of the shopping in and went out, seconds later, to rescue the stuff on the floor when the aforementioned neighbour turned the corner in his car, proceeded to head toward our shopping (whilst we were yelling for him to stop) and promptly drove over all of it! WHAT A CUNT!! He must have seen it on the ground. He must have heard us yell. He must have felt it under his wheels. Did he stop? Did he apologise? DiD HE FUCK!!

So, neighbour, if you happen to be reading this - and I hope you are - IT IS OFFICIAL, you ARE a CUNT!!

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