It's A Beautiful Day. I Cannot WAIT To Fuck It Up | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


We moved recently, from the sexy south all the way up to the naughty north. And when I say "all the way up" (oo-er missus), I mean right to the very top of England in Northumberland. We even live in a bastle house, which is a fortified house once used to keep the Scots out. Although, there haven't been too many marauders. Just sheep. Lots of sheep. Anyway, wandering around this epic landscape, I am often enraptured by it's beauty. It really is astonishing. Doesn't matter what the weather is doing, I always think to myself "it's a beautiful day"...then that little devil on my shoulder says "I cannot wait to fuck it up". Except there is no one around here to annoy and the people we have met seem to like us (ie, we haven't been chased away by people with pitchforks yet).

Like I said though, there are lots of sheep...

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