Is That A Lightsaber In Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Glad To See Me? (Star Wars) | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


At the time of this listing, we are approximately one month away from the release of Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens. Surely, the most anticipated film in movie history. Personally, I am very excited. I am a big Star Wars fan. First film I ever saw at the cinema was "A New Hope" (or just plain old "Star Wars", as it was then), and I have been hooked ever since.

My prediction on the new movie is that it is going to be incredible. Loads of stuff for the fans and it will outstrip all the prequels and equal the originals. Cannot wait for more!*

My prediction on the new movie is that it will suck balls. I am only going out of some sense of nostalgia. If George Lucas kicked the puppy in the head with the prequels, JJ Abrahms stamped on it, exploding brains all over the place. What a cunt!*

* delete as applicable.

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