I'm So Goth I Punched A Care Bear | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


I love stereotypes. I love people's perceptions of people like us. They assume, just coz we wear black, eyeliner, have black hair, drive around in hearses, worship the devil, sacrifice virgins, burn down churches and all the other fun things us Goffs do, that we are somehow a bit mean and a bit nasty. Speaking just for myself, I am, frankly, rather lovely. Just the other day I thought about doing something nice for someone. Obviously, I didn't do it, but the thought was there. And they do say it is the thought that counts. Well, rather than waste my time trying to dispell any stereotypical view a person might have on me, I like to try and live up to it as much as possible. Much more fun that way. If someone asks me if I Worship the Devil (I love that one), I simply roll back my eyes in their sockets and start projectile vomitting blood whilst letting out a Banshee scream. You should try the same. Or of they ask about the sacrificing virgins things (I wanna know how that one got started!), I simply ask for their daughter's telephone number and if she has had a boyfriend. Oh how I laughed (Police didn't, though)... So, to further cement in the brains of The Mr & Mrs Normals of this world that us Gofficks are a nasty bunch, this T-shirt was released. Do your tribe a favour and buy one! Or else....

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