I'm Not Sick, I'm Morally Flexible | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


Morals often get in the way of a good time. This is something we like to address at SMELLYOURMUM.COM and try and do something about. After all, what is the point of having a moral compass if, every now and then, you aren't prepared to leap beyond it. Case in point: up until meeting Vikki, I had never ever stuck a digit up anyone's bottom. It seemed like quite a gross thing to do and I was scared about what might happen if I did. However, once me and Vikki hooked up, part of my new remit was to thumb-bum rape her bottom every night as she tried to go to sleep. There she was, just nodding off when, BAM!, thumb up the bum. As you can imagine, she absolutely loved this personal invasion and, even though I stopped doing it years ago, she still reminisces about it. Let's face it, she misses it. If you have a partner, I highly recommend that you try this next time you are snuggling under the duvet :-)

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