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I am not a stupid person but, every now and again, I do something a bit daft. I shall now recall the story of something that I did when I was a cocky young 13 year old. I was one of those real smart arse kids, safe in the knowledge that I could be as annoying as possible and no adult could beat me up because, well, they'd get done for it. So, off I went one day to the cinema and, whilst queueing (what an odd looking word!) I noticed that it said "Senior Citizens £1.50" (or whatever the price was - it was reduced, that was the point). Now, for some reason, I got it into my head that I was, in fact, a Senior Citizen so, when I requested a ticket for the picture I wanted to see and was asked for £3 in return, I went on a rampage along the lines of how outrageous it was that I, a Senior Citizen, was being charged full price when I was only 13. That no 13 year old was an adult, so they should have Senior Citizen rates. And so on, with the cashier being a bit confused as to why this 13 year old boy was thinking he could get away with being 65. At some point, the penny dropped and I meekly declared that I was withdrawing my custom and sheepishly ran away. Oh dear. Your time to share!

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