If I Gave A Shit, You'd Be The First Person I'd Give It To | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


Just the other day I was queuing in the Post Office, huge sack in my hand (not that one, cheeky), when a middle-aged bloke clocked my T-shirt and commented that he would like one to give to his boss. It was one of our Opinion Noted. Now FUCK OFF tees (a classic). Made me wonder though, how many of our delightful customers DO buy our gear to wear on their last day at work? Quite a few I reckon. We have had some emails from people saying as much, so I suspect the rate is pretty high. And this design right here is one of those perfect to wear on your last day of anything - work, college, school. Or, as Valentine's is near, you might want to buy one for that boy or girlfriend you are wanted to dump. They are sure to get the hint. Yet again, another top with multiple uses from SMELLYOURMUM.COM!

Ah, glory daze!

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