I LOVE JESUS. No, Sorry, I Meant Beer. Always Getting Those Two Mixed Up! | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


I must confess, I never did like beer.  I know that makes me a rarity among chaps but I was more of a spirit drinker.  A pint of vodka would get me waaaaaaaaaay more pissed than a pint of beer.  Preferred the taste as well - it would always feel like I was drinking a loaf of bread if I had any beer.  Yukky stuff.  Anyway, Jesus, beer, you get the joke.  This is a funny tee.  It's all proclaiming massive love for Jesus one minute then going, hang on, Jesus is a ball-bag, it's beer that I love the next.  So if you love BEER but not JESUS you should buy this.  If you love BEER and JESUS, I think you've been having too much beer.

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