I Have The Patience Of A Saint. Saint Cunty McFuckoff | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


I must admit I LOL'd when I came up with this. I actually posted it on my Facebook profile as a status update then thought I'd better make it into a T-shirt before some cunt nicked it and made money out of my twisted genius. It sounds like something Frankie Boyle would say. Say it with a Scottish accent and it's even funnier. Git will probably nick it like he did our "smell your mum" gag (YouTube it). Cheeky fucker. I'll let him off though as he's a funny bugger.

Update 22nd June 2016... Well, it wasn't Frankie Boyle that nicked it, but some other cunts. It has been brought to our attention that a company has been passing this slogan off as their own printing it on mugs. Not only does this violate our intellectual copyright, in legal terms, it is known as "passing off". When first made aware of this, we got in touch with the company, giving them the benefit of the doubt, offering them the chance to put things right. They ignored the three attempts we made to resolve matters. It was only after some of our awesome customers started giving them shit that they finally got in touch, and then only to complain that you lot were getting mouthy. Twats. Anyway, Facebook just removed their image due to this violation of copyright but, the fact remains that they will probably try to steal the food out of our mouths by continuing to sell. So, we implore you, don't support this piracy. It makes them feel like smug cunts for getting away with it and it makes you a cunt for supporting it. We don't like to think of you as being a cunt, we like to think of you as being lovely. And, if you fancy letting any thieves of our stuff know what you think of them, please do. That way, they may think twice before stealing from us, or anyone else

Also on a mug!

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