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I am the world's worst cheat at games. I guess I have rather a feisty competative streak so, I like to win. When I play Monopoly, I have to introduce a vastly different banking structure to the one the game is provided with. For a start, I like to use the money from two banks (not just the one) and I come up with all sorts of convoluted lending rules that, essentially, mean that I will win. After all, I am a bit of an entrepreneur so I go into such a game with a long term plan, rather than short term. I could win if I just had Old Kent Road - I just dig my heels in and never say die! I even cheated at the Rubicks Cube by smashing it then rebuilding it with all the sides complete. Didn't see the point in following their suggestion of spinning each area until they lined up - my way worked just as good and was much quicker.

Of course, breaking the rules in Monopoly doesn't exactly make me Rebel Without A Cause - hey, I'm not Dylan out of Beverly Hills 90210 - but my general attitude toward life and the way I live mine does stretch or break a lot of the accepted codes that most live by. I'm not quite the person your parents warned you about, but most mum's wouldn't be too thrilled if I turned up on their doorstep to take their daughter out.. come to think of it, Vikki would probably have a thing or two to say about it as well ;)

By the way, how rude is this? When I first met Vikki's mum (and you should have SEEN what I was wearing - she must have thought the circus was in town), she later told Vikki that I reminded her of the child catcher out of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Charming! This was nearly 8 years ago now though, so I think she's got used to me. Actually, I know she has, she spends most of her time trying to bum me.

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