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I despair of this country sometimes. Obviously, the people that shop at this online emporium are intelligent people. Well, most of you are. OK, a small percentage. But none of you are as dumb as the two kids that are being displayed in the press today (13th Feb '09 for those that want to know) for having a baby. AT 13!!! Yes, that's right, 13 years of age. Some idiot little boy whose voice hasn't even broken is now a parent of some poor baby that will no doubt grow up to be a dumbfuck. What was he doing with his little peanut sticking it in a 15 year old? At 13 I had discovered boners, I had discovered spunking, I had discovered girls but there was no way that I was going to try and combine all 3. If a 15 year old trollop had tried to get me to shag her, I'd have run a mile. At that age, I was still learning what it was all about and was much more comfortable with a porno mag found out the back of WHSmiths. Besides, I knew that nobbing girls was a good way to make babies. This 13 year old didn't seem to know that and now he is being questioned by reporters - you know, simple stuff like "how are you going to buy nappies" - he just hasn't got a clue. It is shocking. Genuinely shocking. I mean, I'm a lot older than 13 years old and I still don't feel mature enough to be going around breeding! Jeez, I can barely look after myself! Thank fuck you people out there buy these tees and feed me or I might have gnawed my arm off by now...

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