Goths Are People Too | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


It's true you know. I have met LOADS of Goths in my lifetime, and not one of them turned into a bat and flapped away. Which is a shame, actually, as I would like to see that. I think the most Goth people I have ever met genuinly believed themselves to be Vampires. Seriously. Obviously, they didn't actually REALLY think they were Vampires, they just needed to escape from reality and conjur up this new existence for themselves where they slept in coffins, drank eachother's blood, avoided garlic, put on sunscreen if they ventured outside and wore very flouncy tops. Part of me admired their dedication, part of me thought they were a bit silly. But then I saw how much muff they were privvy too. Loads of it. Everywhere. And then I understood. By being all Anne Rice, you can attract those barely-legal Gothlings that seek a bit of older man love. The pervs! Hey, if you are one of those Vamp dudes reading this, hats (bats?) off to ya. I get it. It's all about the pussy. Of course, you might be opposite of male and wonder what the HELL I am going on about. I am supposed to be describing a T-shirt and selling it to you. Yes yes, I get that but, what can I say about a T-shirt? You know what a T-shirt is - you get that. I am crediting you with enough intelligence to understand the concept of T-Shirt. And, from the picture, you know what kind of slogan you get on the T-shirt. So, no point me describing that bit. Below, you can pick what you want the slogan on, the size and colour but, unless you are a retard, you probably sussed that out as well. So, if it is all the same to you, can I continue talking about these Vampire people I met? I only remembered about them the other day, when I was explaining them to Vikki. Funny thing is, one of them lived in Croydon. I don't know why, that just makes me laugh.

Ah, glory daze!

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