Gay. (Hitler) | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody

Gay. (Hitler) | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


I am so fucking fed up with the BNP and fascism - did WW2 teach us nothing? So this is my little protest. We wanted to do something to really undermine the whole movement. You can look at this design in a couple of ways. First up, the way we intended it. We wanted a picture of Hitler with the silliest word imaginable attached to it. We did think Wanker but, somehow, that seemed too serious. Not that the holocaust wasn't serious but, somehow, it needed to be a sillier word than Wanker. So we thought of Gay. And it is funny and it made us giggle and it completely undermines him as a human being. Of course, some gay folks might take offense. But we LOVE gay people here at (even met one once) and didn't want to offend them. However, Hitler HATED gays. A lot. So, from a gay standpoint, calling him gay is just a massive insult to him. Make sense? It does in my head. Just think of all the hot sticky love we have for you gays before you have a big mincing strop over this.

Anyway, Hitler was shit. That's the point. And anyone that thinks he was in the least bit groovy is a total bell-end.

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