Don't You Know Who The Fuck I Think I Am? | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


Vikki got a full endorsement by Dean Guitars recently so she posted the guitar she's getting on her Facebook page. Soon, she was inundated with people suggested other guitars she could buy. We were chatting about this, and she jokingly said "I don't BUY guitars, don't they know who the fuck I think I am?" (coz, with an endorsement, you get them for free) and then we realised it would make a great T-shirt. It also reminds us of an old band member who had this kind of attitude, except the "I think" bit didn't exist in his head. He thought he was all that AND a bag of chips. Ego's - fucking hate them and the people that have them. If YOU are contemplating buying this, you have a tongue-in-cheek sense of humour and should be applauded for not taking yourself too seriously. Well done you. However, if you are looking at it thinking "shame it has the 'I think' bit", you need a swift kick in the bollocks / gash; nob off and please don't grace our site with your presence again, we don't like your kind.

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