Darth Vader Is My Dad (Star Wars/Force Awakens/Rogue One) | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


I am a product of the Star Wars Generation. A bunch of kids that grew up in the '70's and 80's whose whole being has been shaped by the BEST Trilogy the cinematic world has ever seen. Fuck the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy - as a great man once said "It's just three films about walking" (OK, so it was Kevin Smith who said it, but he is pretty accurate. And pretty great.). Fuck, I'm so Hooked On Star Wars, I put down Jedi as my religion on the last census! And got myself a Lordship. YES, I am that sad-slash-ubercool. But then, there are millions of us worldwide equally as sad-slash-ubercool! Unknown Fact About Me # 187: before this life, I used to sell Star Wars memorabilia.. See, now your opinion of me as you read this is either being destroyed or elevated to new God-Like status. Frankly, if it is the first, you should probably nob-off and go and read Harry Potter or something. Anyway, I am digressing rather and getting all defensive in the process. Millions of us probably love the idea about the dark helmetted one (can't resist an oo-er here) being our dad's - and I'm one of them. My dad, as it happens, is a bit of a hippy. Likes Pink Floyd and Yes (need I say more?!), so he is far removed from the Sith Lord as anyone could possibly be. He doesn't even have asthma. Below is a picture of me as Darth Vader and another one of me - VERY drunk - with a rather confused Stormtrooper. As you can sense, I need help.

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