CROWS BEFORE HO'S (Game Of Thrones/John Snow) | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


Let's make no bones about it, I can be a bit stupid at times. A bit slow on the uptake. A bit dense. Or, at least, that is how it appears to normal people. Of course, having a super huge brain like mine means that, quite often, it is off, doing it's own thing, having a think about important issues like "what can I have for breakfast" or "how many times can I put cunt on a T-shirt before people stop buying them?" (answer: infinite). So, when Vikki first suggested this T-shirt to me, without explaining it, I thought it was a Sons Of Anarchy inspired one. You know, Cro's Before Ho's. Good, right? But, nope, she said it was a Game Of Thrones one. I didn't get it. I watch GOT but, when they aren't fighting or, um, fighting, I pretty much switch off and firegaze. Even when they are fighting. I didn't get the reference. But Vikki kindly and patiently explained it to me (between bouts of calling me retarded) and now I get it and it is quite clever. Go girl!

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